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Engine Overhauls

Engine Installation

We offer top quality installation. We remove and install your remanufactured engine, and make necessary adjustments.
Recommended Parts List When Installing a Rebuilt Engine:

General: Oil Filter, Air Filter, PCV Valve, Oil Pressure Switch, Fuel Filters
Cooling: Water Pump, Thermostat, Coolant Hoses, Temperature Switch, New Antifreeze
Electrical: Spark Plugs, Ignition Wires

Additional Parts to Inspect:
General: Breather Element, Carburetor, Fuel Pump, Fuel Injection and Fuel System Sensors
Cooling: Radiator, Radiator Cap, Fan Clutch, Heater Control Valve, Electric Cooling Fans, Switch and Relay
Electrical: Distributor, Cap and Rotor, Ignition Coil, Ignition Sensors

Important Rebuilt Engine Installation Steps:

  • Clean Crankcase Vent Tube, Oil Cooler and Air Compressors
  • Inspect timing covers for erosion and/or breakage. Covers containing oil pumps must be measured for wear and replaced if not within tolerances.
  • Check seal surface of pulley/pulley hub for groove or damage. Grease prior to installation to prevent damage to oil seal.
  • Clean intake manifold thoroughly to prevent foreign material from being sucked into combustion chambers
  • Charge oiling system with oil or engine prelube by turning pump or use pressure tank if possible.
  • Heat riser or exhaust thermostat control must be free and operating properly.
  • Adjust clutch “free pedal” before starting engine, not after. (If applicable.)
  • Inspect engine oil pressure as soon as started. Check for oil or water leaks. Do not install radiator cap until water is observed to be circulating. Some thermostats can air lock and prevent filling the system completely.
  • Check advance on distributor – time to factory specifications.
  • Check valve lash at time of installation and at 500 miles (if applicable).
  • Check fuel pump for proper pressure. Check double diaphragm type for faulty vacuum booster which can pump oil through intake system.

Accessories such as belts, hoses, water pump, spark plugs, motor mounts, etc. are not included in our engine or installation quote. These parts are charged separately and replacement is recommended based on the condition of the existing parts.

Please contact us with any questions about our installation procedures.